June 28, 2011

Intuitive Eating (My Way)

I've read a lot about intuitive eating on blogs and such. I've never actually read a book about it which I'm sure would be helpful. But I don't think I will. Eat when you're hungry, stop when you're full. To me that's what it is all about. Is there is some huge part of it I'm missing?

I just think this is the natural next step for me. I need to become aware of these things. I have always joked that I can't do Intuitive Eating because I don't know that I'm full until my pants button has popped open and I feel like I need to puke. LOL. But this should not be!

I feel like I have enough control to focus on this now. I will use my nutritional plan (which is not a diet because technically I can eat anything I want) as a boundary. I think the idea of no boundaries is what has scared me away from intuitive eating for so long, but I think I can apply the basic principles of eating only when I am hungry and stopping when I am full, while keeping my nutritional recommendations as the cap. The goal will be to never eat more than is recommended, but some days I may eat less, if that is what my body tells me to do.

I can't wait to see how this turns out. I really hope I can do it because this is how normal eaters function. And I would really love to be a more normal eater. Up to this point I have relied completely on a chart to tell me when and how much I can eat. If the package says I can have 14 pretzels, well then by golly--I'm going to eat 14 pretzels! I never think about hunger, only what the "plan" tells me. There isn't anything wrong with that--I don't think I could have come right out of the gate and been successful with intuitive eating, I needed hard line boundaries in the beginning. I needed that structure so I could give complete focus to working through the emotional/mental issues I have with food. Now, I think I'm ready to take it to another level. We'll see...

Any input from the Intuitive Eaters out there?


Anonymous said...

Hi Keelie,
Intuitive eating is a huge challenge and I'd love to get there too...working on it! I've been reading your blog for several months (found it on another WW related blog I think)...had to tell you that it is awesome and I so appreciate your insights and thoughts. You are very inspiring! I am working on losing baby weight (plus more) after my second baby was born last August, and am currently doing a C25K type run to walk plan through my YMCA. Even running for 5 minutes at a time feels like such an accomplishment, but I've had some knee and heel pain that I'm trying to work through. Just wondering if you encountered anything like that when you started running and if you've written about it? Thanks so much!! ~Grete

Amy W. said...

Even though I have the band and probably rarely feel physically "starving", I always think I am. It is a hard thing...listening to your body and just feeding it when necessary. I remember when I was on my preop diet and felt real hunger for the first time in a long time bc I was so used to just stuffing my face whenever...

the head is the hardest part of this battle for sure! If anyone can do it though, I believe it will be you. You are doing such an amazing job and have a lot of perserverance (sp?)

AJ T said...

I tried for years to get to this point. Advice: 1. Watch your serving size, especially at meals. I found I started to clean my plate, ugh. 2. Check the motives for eating. 3. Ask if you really need the sweet thing tempting you. I would slowly eat more and more...did I go back to my old eating habits, no, but I wasn't making the healthiest choices either.

Some of this is well duh, but I found these were my pitfall when I didn't journal my food. It is a real place to get to. It is freeing to have more time in your day for other things. If you keep turning to God instead of food, it will work, His power will see you through. You've trained yourself in the past year and a half of journaling. Now see if it sunk in.

KMR said...

You may not me intuitively eating but you're still doing a hell of a good job knocking those pounds off. I want to know your secret.