June 4, 2011

My Weekend and Good Recipes

Just returned from a Girls' Getaway with my First Place 4 Health group. We had a blast. The first day was all about relaxation at the spa and today was all about adventure in the great outdoors. I chose to go canoeing for the first time ever. It was awesome. That is something I would have never dreamed of doing a  year ago.

The food part of the weekend went well. I planned all our meals and prepared them. We had plenty of fresh fruit and healthy snacks the whole time. I find it very interesting that I never stressed about food. I am going to have to go back over the details of why it was so stress free...I know the pre-planning was part of it but that I have always known.

I made a couple of recipes that were really good:

Mexican Chicken Casserole with Charred Tomato Salsa
Mexican Chicken Casserole with Charred Tomato Salsa Recipe

Sausage and Cheese Breakfast Casserole Recipe
(I used whole wheat bread on this)

Everybody really seemed to like these recipes so I give them 2 thumbs up! I never make "healthy" recipes, just usually come up with my own stuff, but these impressed me. I will have to do this more! Also thinking about a Cooking Light subscription. Anyone else have one? Opinions?

Trackers for Friday and Saturday:

So, about my June 30 day challenge for "Eating Well". I have already come of short of each of the three sub goals I set for myself the ultimate goal being "Eating Well." AWESOME ME! So technically I...failed? But that doesn't make sense because even though I didn't meet all of the goals I had set for myself, I still feel that I ate well over the past three days. And that is the point, right?

Thursday was crazy, I just didn't track and frankly, I'm too tired to think back that far right now. Plus, what is the point of that? (Tracking is supposed to happen as you eat, not days after you ate, just sayin') Friday I had more than one up or down arrow on the tracker and pretty sure each day I had something that is not on the "choose often" list. So like I said, technically a failure. But actually not a failure. Because I still managed to eat well all of those days and I am still in control and making wise decisions. I guess if I can manage to eat well and not reach any of my goals and the same time then my goals weren't very good ones or maybe they were just unrealistic. Not sure. I'm going to have to think about this.

At any rate, tomorrow will be a continuation of eating well. I am still doing this challenge. To my other challenge buddies, you know that saying "Shoot for the moon and if you miss you will land among the stars"? Yeah, it's like the cheesiest thing ever but it is so true for us. Just the fact that we have goals and are going after them is a really, really big deal. If we can face falling short on a goal or two and continue going on...even bigger deal! Press on, keep the faith.

Now melatonin, come to mamma!


Absolutely, Positively Josie said...

Agreed, on all points! The "Shoot for moon" quote gets me because it IS so true! I've also heard it worded, always shoot for 100 and you will do well to hit 80. Whatever sounds sweetest. =)

Glad you had a good weekend. I'll be checking out those recipes.

We all know for ourselves if we're eating well, subgoals or no. I'm glad to hear you felt you ate well!

Kimberley said...

Found you through Jack Sh*t! You are just gorgeous!!! Will have to read back over your blog and get to "know" you a bit.

Deb Willbefree said...

Great job! Deb

Diana Ferguson said...

Love that you went canoeing!!

Lovely119 said...

IMO if you feel good about your food choices... then it TOTALLY counts towards your 30 day goal of eating well! Your doing great lady, keep it up!