February 3, 2012

Dinner Dilemma--Help Me!

My brother, husband and I have all celebrated a birthday within the past two weeks. We always have a big family party, usually on Superbowl Sunday.
Birthday party, 2010. 200+ lbs.

This year it will be tomorrow. We all get to request certain food items for the party. Being the little health nut that I am ;) I requested grilled chicken breast and salad. The boys' requests were more of a pastry nature and involve chocolate. We will not discuss that.

But along the lines of "How in the world am I going to avoid all the cake and cookies that will be available to me tomorrow night?" I would like to focus on some fun facts.
  • Last Saturday I attended a birthday party where cupcakes, buttermilk pie and apple cobbler were all served. Oh and fruit was served. You know what I ate? Fruit.
  • This past Wednesday we served pizza, cheese dip with chips and various hand-held desserts to our students. You know what I ate? Mashed cauliflower. Before I left home.
I know that willpower is like this muscle that gets stronger and stronger the more you use it. Quit using it and that baby is like an iPhone that falls into a sink full of water. It won't do anything for me. I am counting on the hard work of temptation resistance training that I have been doing the past couple of weeks to pull me through tomorrow night.

Oh, and there's also tonight. We are going out with my brother and his wife for a pre-party celebration, minus the kidlets. There has been talk of going to this amazing low-country influenced bistro for quite a while now and tonight is the night it is finally going to happen. I couldn't be the one to say this menu is just not going to work for me. But I'm wondering...is this menu going to work for me? I have about 700 calories to work with. Check it out:


The entrees:
Amazing, right!? What should I order? Please help me!!!

And then I will get to indulge in my birthday "treat" of COFFEE! (What the heck? Sounds so ridiculous to say that, but this seems to be life as I know it these days.) This is the coffee menu! I LOVE any place that has a coffee menu. Pure love, I tell you.

I'm thinking the 3 cup French press to share with my loved ones and a latte for just moi. They create beautiful foam art on the lattes. Can't wait!

Okay, seriously help a girl out and tell me what you think I should order for dinner!!!!!


Liz J said...

I love Hattie's! Enjoy what will be an absolutely fabulous meal.

I'm curious - which coffee shop is your brother talking about? I'm always on the lookout for great Dallas finds. :-)

BEE said...

i would definately go with the pecan crusted catfish

but everything sounded delish

Todd Swanson said...

I would go with the fish of the day. ask for it grilled with steamed veggies have a side salad too with light dressing on the side..

The french press is the best choice

Absolutely, Positively Josie said...

Some sort of soup and salad combo, maybe (plus a bite of whatever your husband gets). =) Have fun!