February 1, 2012

More Coffee Talk & Tracker 32

I've had so many thoughtful comments/emails regarding my back-and-forth about the coffee. See this post. I've taken all of your advice and pondered it today. I also dreamed about my coffee. {Sigh}. I even made a pot and tried it with some Weight Watchers smoothie mix in there. FAIL. EPIC.

Anyway, I think I have arrived at this: For this month only I am going to abstain from using anything that puts calories into my coffee, besides a milk product that will count toward my daily allowance. If at the end of the month I am still wishing I could have it my old way then I will go back to that. What I am hoping is that I will get used to going without it and then I can save coffee with real sugar in it for my splurges or "treats." I did not realize that I have been misusing the word "treat," as one reader pointed out. A treat is not something one would consume on a daily basis...great point.

Anyway, I can easily get caught up in word meanings and coffee creamer calories--things that to some might be considered "majoring in the minors." But to me these represent much greater issues and things that I am trying to break free from. Everything is permissible for me but I will not be mastered by anything. 1 Cor 6:12

So I guess you could say I am tentatively trying to break the habit of sugar in my coffee. :)

There is one caveat: I am going out to eat in Dallas this weekend to celebrate my birthday (and my hubby &little bro's b-days) Afterward we are going to have coffee at a place that my bro says serves the best coffee in Dallas. All bets are off at that point; I will have that fine cup of coffee with some sugar in it. And some heavy cream if that's an option. I feel that if I have passed up multiple opportunities during my b-day week for cakes, pies, cupcakes, cookies, irresistible little desserts in shot glasses (which I have) and all I really want to do is enjoy a good cup of coffee with some sugar in it for my birthday, well...

I've come a heck of a long way, baby.

Now roll that beautiful tracker footage...



Mom on a mission said...

For the most part I donot drink coffee. On occasion I will have a cup during the week or go for a special treat to a local coffee house and have a yummy coffee treat. I know you can do it..but I am really realizing the last few days that you need to enjoy your food/drink:) Best of luck!!

Jenn said...

I think you made a good plan for yourself! you have to do what you need to for yourself. I think "treating" yourself when you go to the coffee shop will be a good idea. I wish you luck in giving something up . I actually am inspired to do something like that to help me out as well. hmmm what shall I give up for a while??

Mrs. Britton said...

I did a little research for you and I came across 2 protein coffee creamers that might interest you. www.rippedcream.com

Kelly said...

How funny that we both tackled coffee this week! I switched over to a sugar free french vanilla creamer and skipped on the extra tsp of sugar I'd been adding... Took a couple of days to get used to it, but it's ok. I'd like to eventually cut out coffee all together and try to drink lemon water in the morning .... but something about that hot cup of awesomeness in the morning ... I know you understand.

I agree too that sweets (sugar) should be saved for occasional treats. :)

Keep up the greatness :)