March 22, 2010

Inch by Inch

Tonight I was measured for the first time in 10 weeks. I got some surprising but overall pleasing results.

Chest: 47 inches (-1.5)
I am super excited about this small loss, for obvious reasons. I don't want to lose too much volume up there;) I am still seeing the back lose fat and I am probably gaining muscle too.

Waist: 43.5 inches (-8.5)
This seems like a lot to me. We tried measuring in a couple of different spots to make sure but each time there was only a slight difference. Obviously I am thrilled with these results. My waist is the biggest problem area I have and it has always been the hardest to see results in. This time is different! I attribute that to my running (which I did about 2 miles today!)

Hips: 50 inches (-2.5)
This is good. It is important to note that my hip measurement and waist measurement were practically the same to begin with. Now they are 6.5 inches different. Can you say hour glass?

Thighs: 26 inches (+1 per leg)
I have a couple of questions on this one. Is the gain due to muscle? Also, when you gain inches, do you subtract that gain from your overall loss (total inches lost)? I really don't want to, but am guessing I am supposed to.

Arms: 12.75 inches (-1.25 per arm)
Happy with this. I suspect that at some point my arms may level off and even begin to gain back inches in muscle. Has anyone found that to be the case?

I am happy with these results. This is a total of 14 inches lost (2 gained, but whatever) in 10 weeks!


Can do mom said...

Keelie, those results are AMAZING. No kidding. I'm not just saying that to be a rah rah cheerleader. I'm in awe! Look at those before and current photos. You've really come a long way. I'm surprised that you added an inch in your thighs. Do you think you might have measured incorrectly the first time around? It seems a little strange. Either way, over all you are doing so great, it's wonderful!


I'm Loving my Complicated Life! said...

Rock on hot Mama! These results are tremendous! I ran 2 miles today, and believe me that is huge for me because I normally hate hate running! Keep it up!


Drazil said...

Holy shitaki! AWESOME.

Googie said...

You look AMAZING girl!! Your before and after photos get me motivated everytime I sign on. I look forward to reading your blog and yours is the first one I look for to read! Keep up the great work!!

Anonymous said...

Amazing--especially at the waist! Good job. :D Deb

Julie, The Accidental Fat Chick said...

Great results! I think the numbers really show the difference adding a good fitness routine to a healthy diet makes in overall success. Keep it up! :)

Stacey at Living by Faith said...

Fabulous! That's all I can say, so I will say it again! Fab-u-lous!

Molly said...

Nice job! I found your blog a couple weeks ago and you are so fun to follow! Love the pictures so inspiring! Awesome measurements! I am really impressed with your attitude. Keep it up!

justaneverydaygirl said...

I found your blog about a week ago.. I can't tell you how motivating and inspiring you are! Thanks so much for sharing your journey with us- struggles and all. Congratulations on the new you- you've worked hard and look GREAT!!!

Sandra said...

Awesome work Keelie! Those inches are so important (more than scale).
Keep up the excellent work!

Katie said...

Great job Keelie! 14! I can't imagine. You must feel A-mazing!

Reese said...

Those are great numbers! I have not measured myself yet, but this is a good reminder to me to do so! You are doing so good :)

Anonymous said...

Wow...good for you!!

mollymariephoto said...

congrats lady!!! Your progress is simply amazing and you are ONE HOT MAMA! haha keep it up girl :)

Jen said...

Congratulations!! I am pleased to give you the Creative Blogger Award as one of the most creative blogs around. Here are the rules.

1. Thank the person who gave this to you.
2. Copy the logo and place it on your blog.
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Chibi said...

A. Maz. Ing. You're doing phenomenally well! Congrats! :)

CinciMom11 said...

WOW! Great results! You are doing fantastic.

Kelly said...


Those are some amazing #s! Keep it up girlfriend! :)