March 2, 2010


Milestones I look forward to reaching over the next few months:

199 lbs.
Finally back in the 100's. I never want to leave! *Not there yet...

193 lbs.
I will weigh the lowest I have in about 7 years. Just before I got pregnant with my youngest child, I had lost about 30 pounds and weighed 194. Weighing 193 will be a huge milestone for me as it will feel like I am finally picking up where I left off.

189 lbs.
Being in the 180's will be AWESOME! At some point in this decade I will weigh less than my husband. Whoohoo!

179 lbs.
I will no longer be OBESE. 'Nuff said.


Rosa said...

I love how you outline that out. I need to do the same thing. It puts it in a different perspective. Continued success.

New Beginnings said...

Aren't these great motivation. My next milestone I'm looking forward to is dropping a pant size. It has been YEARS since I could wear a misses size. I am beyond ready to give up the plus-size section!!

BEE said...

great goals and what they stand for awesome post

Anonymous said...

Third Day was playing when I clicked on your blog. Love them!!

Thanks for putting the verses and music on your blog :)

Shannon said...

I am a new follower. I LOVE your blog. How cool is it for you to be in ONEderland.


I'm Loving my Complicated Life! said...

WOW, this is a great idea! I think I will steel it and do the same! You are so motivational! Thanks lady! :)


Chibi said...

Awesome milestones - love it!

P.S. You look amazing in your latest pics! :)

Stacey at Living by Faith said...

How clever of you with your road sign!! I love that you have set up milestones along the way to celebrate.