March 9, 2010

My First Bra!

Well, okay, not my first bra--that would have been really scary to onlookers for all these years...

Today I purchased my first strapless bra--ever! As I picked it out ( a 38C looks so tiny!) I realized that I had never owned one of these. I thought it was strange and then I realized why. Because I have never felt confident enough to bare so much of my arms, shoulders, back, etc. and thus have never had the need for a strapless bra. Well, the little number I picked out for my "199 outfit" requires a strapless bra. Hot dawg!

Another thing about the little number--I got it in the Juniors section. Don't you think it's kind of crazy that I have to shop in the Plus section for my bottoms and the Junior section for my top? Cool, I say. And I actually don't HAVE to shop in Juniors for tops, but since I can, I am:) Until I'm at least 45 or so.

I know many of you at this point are thinking "Gee, you still weigh nearly 200lbs...stay out of the Juniors!!!" Don't worry. It's okay. I assure you it is not hideous and will not land me on The People of Wal Mart, which seems to be my standard for distasteful clothing these days.

Back to the outfit. I didn't actually get an outfit. That's funny because you may recall I didn't get exactly what I said I was going to get when I reached my first goal. I guess I need to change the rewards to all say "Keelie will buy something now".

I decided to replace the jeans with something else. I still have a pair that fit me right now and I want to wait to be able to actually try on the ones I will get for the next 20 lbs. or so (size 14). Anyway, what I did get was:

  • strapless bra
  • 3 pairs work-out SHORTS! Yes!
  • cute top (that requires a strapless bra, did I mention that already?)
I can't show you a picture right now because I am not "fixed up" in the face and hair department and my top SO deserves "fixed up" face and hair. I think my husband should take me out for a night on the town to show off my awesome top. Don't you? Leave me a comment if you agree and then I can show him the huge outcry for me to get a date.

What can I say? I'm shameless.

Edited to add: Just so you know my husband is awesome and will take me out anytime I want. And he's a hot stud. He did not tell me to type those things.


Julie said...

You HAVE to go out. We MUST see the new top AND you all dolled up!

I will be severely disappointed if you don't go out and will NEVER follow this blog again!! (keelie...was that convincing enough?)...;)

Kidding about not following you. I love the blog and excited to see your new outfit :D

Julie, The Accidental Fat Chick said...

He should definitely take you out for a night on the town - you so deserve it! Besdies, then the rest of us can show our husbands the awesome thing he did for you and get our own outings. :)

Kelly said...

a night out on the town is in order!!

Enjoy it!!! :)

Drazil said...

Tell him if he doesn't take you out for supper we'll convince you to cut him off for six months. LOL

Kerri & Katie said...

Of course he should take you out! Post a picture of of your top soon! :)

Googie said...

So happy for you=)

Kristin Hope said...

Yep, he should take you on a date! :)

Anini said...

Oooh I can hardly wait to see the shirt. Hope you get your night out :) You deserve it!

Stacey at Living by Faith said...

I am cracking up! Love you humor! Great shopping! I can't wait to see your new top.

Dana ( said...

Heck yea your hubby needs to take you out!!!! :)

Maria said...

Yes, you MUST go out in your new outfit or new duds, anyway! You are such an inspiration to me...thanks for being so real!

Can do mom said...

Lol - does your sweet husband even stand a chance against the blog world? :)

Have a great night out and enjoy wearing your special new outfit. Why not take a photo of the both of you when you go out?

My dh is not a fan of computers but I've got a cute photo of the both of us on yesterday's post.

You're doing great - keep it up!

mdavis said...

I know your sweet husband will take you out on the town or anywhere else you want to go. I can't wait to see the top. Love, M

Anonymous said...

I say yes, yes, yes to date night and dressed up pictures of the cute new top!