March 28, 2010

Pop Quiz

I decided it was time to have a little quiz. The results of this quiz will tell me what type of image I am portraying on this blog. It will tell me if I am being REAL enough with you. It will tell me if you really know me. At all.

Let me set this up. Yesterday I was taking my BFF for a mani/pedi for her Christmas present (don't ask) and afterward I had some pretty tough choices to make. We ended up at a favorite place of ours--Chili's.

We've shared a good many conversations, laughs, and calories while sitting in a booth at Chili's. The familiar Spanish tile on the tables, the unique decor, the overwhelming smell of grease...It's almost like a home away from home.

It was a bittersweet homecoming for me. You see, I haven't been to Chili's since I made The Change.

Side note: I'm calling it that now--THE CHANGE.

It's not that I don't trust myself, but really, why even go there? Why push it? Unfortunately yesterday I had a gift card and a rebellious spirit. I was feeling rebellious against The Change.

Back up a few days...

I had been at my mom's and there with me sat a big Tupperware container of fudge. I totally had a moment of weakness and ate some. And when I say some I mean a lot. And when I say a lot I mean WAY too much.

That was the day I wrote about The Burn. When I told my mom that her fudge had been my inspiration for the writing of that post she couldn't believe it. She had assumed I pushed through the burn of the fudge. Well, you know what they say about assuming...

Wouldn't that have been nice though. To have actually listened to what the Holy Spirit was speaking to me and apply it? Yeah.

So then a day later I was back at mom's. (Note to self: consider not going to mom's).This time the fudge was gone but I had the munchies. I had already been to Chic fil-a and resisted my usual 12 nuggets and fries and the occasional chick-fil-a sandwich to boot. I opted for the char grilled sandwich but ate a few fries. The whole fry decision was playing with my mind. It made me go bonkers in my mom's pantry.

You want to hear the sad part? I abused my body with healthy stuff. I overloaded on smoked almonds, dried apricots, 1% cheese (yuk), deli ham and some other stuff. Uggh! I could go on but you can tell this was not a good day.

So I was still trying to recover from this binge, all the while feeling like a complete idiot because I know I am going to have to come on the blog and fess up after I just wrote all about resisting temptation...IDIOT!

Now I bring you back to the booth at Chili's yesterday...and the Quiz begins!

#1. Did I order a margarita (because after all, it was Margarita Madness) or did I have tea with Equal sweetener?

#2. Did I order chips and queso (and a side of avocado ranch) or forgo the appetizer?

#3. Did I order:

A. Guiltless Salmon with steamed veggies, rice and no butter


B. Chicken Crispers

#4. Did I order THIS for dessert?

I will say that I literally experienced anguish while trying to make the decisions you are being quizzed on. I can also tell you I won't be going back to Chili's anytime soon.

Now, how well do you know me? Everyone better answer--but think carefully before doing so. Feel free to explain the reasons for your answers.


Nicole said...

So Margarita YES because who can pass on Margarita Madness?!

Appetizer yes because heck you needed something to go with the beverage.

Salmon yes because it justifies the 1st 2 choices

and dessert no because you were too full =D

Buzzy & Breezelys Mama said...

I would say no margarita because u don't have an actual pic of it. That's a menu pic. Same with appetizer except not sur if that's a menu pic or not. I think u did get the sAlmon and maybe your friend ordered te sundae?

Buzzy & Breezelys Mama said...
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Buzzy & Breezelys Mama said...
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Keelie said...

I actually swiped all the pics from Google images--didn't take any myself...

Reese said...

Well, I have only been reading your blog for a few days, but here are my guesses :)

-You passed on the margarita and had the tea. That way you could save the calories for the food.
-passed on the appetizer for the same reason.
-had the salmon dinner because it looks yummy.
-shared the dessert with your friend!

{Absolutely, Positively} Josie said...

hmm... i'm gonna guess you either had all the "forbiddens" at chili's or none of them. can i answer like that? i know this is a quiz about you, but it just kept reminding me of memeME.

i would guess you had all the forbiddens, and it awoke some cravings in you, hence the stuff afterward; or you had all the "good stuff," and it was just frustrating thinking about it afterward, so you had to avenge it.

ps- i am so glad i usually only encounter peanut butter fudge at Christmas because once that switch flips on, it's over. and o'charley's is to me as chili's is to you. love those chicken tenders and homemade chips.

i really like hearing you call this "the change." you are a changed woman. God worked His will in you for your health, and now you are an example to so many of us struggling the same way.

i applaud you for sharing this, Keelie. your image to me is of an honest, dedicated woman who is not perfect but who heeds the call of God in strength and in weakness. a woman who lost weight, is losing weight, and WILL lose weight. you are still that changed woman, even after the binge.

FORGET chili's (you might tell me to forget o'charley's). think about that haircut, mani and pedi coming up. i wanna see you lose some more weight!!!

Nichole said...

Dang - I was totally basing my choices off the pictures but I see you said all the pics are from the net. So I have no idea....

No appetizer
Chicken Crispers
Shared the dessert

Laura said...

I'm also going to guess with you did the margarita and appetizer, but got the salmon and no dessert.

I feel your pain. My best girlfriend and I ALWAYS go to Chili's if we get the opportunity for a meal out together and we always get chips and queso. It will be super hard the first time I'm face with Chili's after making this change in lifestyle. I'm curious to know how you handled it. But, no matter how you handled it, I'm even more anxious to see you continue on this awesome journey! You're fabulous, don't forget it ;)

Kelly said...

I'm gonna say:
Yes to the margarita *YUM*
Yes to the appetizer *you shared*
Yes to the Salmon
No to dessert

I can't wait til your next blog!!!

KatDoesDiets said...

My guesses are the exact same as Reese's!

Kate said...

I'm going to go for EITHER the MArgarita OR the appetizer, the healthy entree and you shared the dessert?

Kristi said...

Hahahahaha! These guesses are cracking me up! Love it! I'll refrain since I was with you and know the answers! lol!

Foodie Girl said...

Don't know you well enough to make any judgements. Regardless, I am loving your blog!

Anonymous said...

Uh-oh. I just started following you, so I don't know you well enough to say. But I do know that you are "real" or you wouldn't have confessed the binge. Good girl! :D Deb

Stacey at Living by Faith said...

Ok so I have been MIA for a few days and actually read the answers before getting to the quiz. Great job on resetting your course of direction. BTW, fudge gets me every time!