January 1, 2012

The Adventure of a Lifetime

My husband's cousin got married last night. It was a beautiful ceremony, with a beautiful bride and groom. They were dubbed the "real life Barbie and Ken" by the father of the bride and I have to say I could not agree more. The couple celebrated their new life together surrounded by family and friends and we all cheered and kissed and waved sparklers with them right in to the new year.

I'm really glad and thankful that I got to experience this wedding on the eve of a new year. Something that struck me was how much fun the wedding guests were having.When the music fired up on the dance floor there were toddlers all the way to 80+ year-olds shakin' it like I've never seen. Laughing, hugging, waving their hands up in the air. Now, I don't know that I'm going to take up dancing in 2012, but seeing that carefree joy on the faces of people dancing and just enjoying life in the moment made me realize that I skip that sometimes. Okay, I skip it a lot.

I don't want to skip it...

The couple will soon move to Singapore as our cousin recently took a position there. They will be there for at least three years. They basically have a storybook, fairytale life going on. The adventure of a lifetime! I'm really happy and excited for them to begin to discover what God has in store for their lives together. I can't imagine a more wonderful way to start out.

About the time they are boarding a plane, I will still be living in the country with cows mooing and kids yelling my name, loading the dishwasher, potty training, checking homework, counting calories...far, far away from the glamorous life I imagine a place like Singapore has to offer a newlywed couple. But, I will be living out the adventure of my lifetime also. And so will you.

The question is, will we realize it?

Where each of us is right now is the gift God has given. It's the place He has planned for each of us to be since the beginning of time. I pray that I will embrace the gift and live fully in each and every moment, never skipping an opportunity to celebrate, laugh, hug or cry. Or dance?

Chad & Tara, if you happen to read this--Thank you for being you and inspiring us all to joyfully live life to the fullest. Enjoy your adventure!

Happy New Year everyone!


Kyle Gershman said...

"Bloom where you are planted!" Not sure of the true source of that quotation and it doesn't mean you literally have to stay in one exact place, but that you make the absolute most of that moment.

HNY...and Bloom Keelie, Bloom!

Anonymous said...

"embrace the gift and live fully"

A great motto for a new year!

Happy New Year!

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mdavis said...

Great post. Thanks for the song you sang at the wedding. I knew it would be beautiful. I had the same thoughts about dancing.