January 28, 2012

Tracker 28

Okay. I think I may need to stop having all the creamer. :( I would probably be fine after a few weeks. Thinking about it...For the month of February I am going to pick a habit to make and a habit to break so this could be the habit to break. Stay tuned for the habit I want to make.

January has been successful as the month of the TRACKER! I feel like this is definitely a habit now.



Absolutely, Positively Josie said...

Eggplant! I wanted to be you today. It's so good to me, it shouldn't even be considered a vegetable. I like to slice 'em thinly, bake, and eat with barbecue chicken. =)

I love how your tracker number is coinciding with the day of the month. =) You're doing it!


Honib1 said...

how do you that tracker.. did you create that ? you can it be found online.. would love to know .. just getting started ( once again) with my journey... YOU LOOK FABULOUS by the way..