January 30, 2012

Tracker 30 and Goal Updates

I was pretty consistent with my goals today. As in--I did not quite reach any of them. But somehow I still feel like the day was great! Not sure what this says about me.

I went 60 calories over my 1200 calorie day goal. If I could just go one doggone day without my coffee and coffee condiments...

I also did not have a "Meatless Monday" as was listed as one of my goals for this week. I forgot and ate turkey right out of the gate this morning.  It could be considered a "Less-Meat Monday" though. Close enough.

I also did not exercise even though I set a goal to do 15 minutes every day. The day was pretty packed and it just didn't happen. I guess I could go do 15 minutes worth of sit-ups and jumping jacks right now but I don't want to. Tomorrow=5 miles. That should make up for it.

I have added a "My Tracker" page and the link is now just under the header of my blog. If you are interested in a copy of this tracker or some other tracker options, as well as my thoughts on tracking...go check it out. or Click here


Mary @ DesignerOfMe said...

I think tracking consistently is a pretty awesome goal in itself! And you're kicking its butt anyhow :) Great job!

Jamie said...

Good Job! 1200 cal is hard work when you are used to1300-1400. Super proud of you!