January 10, 2012

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Absolutely, Positively Josie said...

Way to go, Keelie! You're wasting no time! I just bought some sugar-free pudding yesterday and remembered that I can't live without it. =) I have a banana pudding craving that is eating me alive right now.

I love that you are REAL and acknowledge that a weak moment might be around the corner even when you feel strong. When I get in the zone, I have to remind myself of the same thing.

This thing is such a delicate balance for me. I pray you stay on plan as long as you can. Just seeing your posts this new year is proof that it is possible to eat well. I get so worn out eating "healthy," but I see that you (and many others) are keeping it up, so...I know I can be more reasonable.

I like where you're going. But if you eat something off plan, I pray you stay mentally strong. And if you can't, I pray Jesus be your strength all the while, as He presently is. If we just BELIEVE in this, we WILL endure, regardless. What faith, to just trust.

Didn't intend to make a post here! It's been a crazy week so far, and I'm needing to refocus in the biggest way.


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Mom on a mission said...

Awesome job!!