January 5, 2012

Waffle Fry Break-up

Dear Chick-fil-a Waffle Fries,

I missed you today. When I crossed the threshold into your fine abode, I smelled you. Your amazingly salty, perfectly crisp, fluffy, criss-crossy fried potato smell. Yes, I smelled that. And I felt weak in the knees. The good folks at CFA know how to fry you up. It's a beautiful thing. I will never deny that.

In a moment of weakness, I decided I would just go with you instead of the side salad I had been planning on. For old times' sake, I would choose you. I used the reasoning that I should allow myself some indulgences to keep from snapping one day and making a mistake for which I could never forgive myself. A value-sized mistake, if you know what I mean. This is the reasoning the "fat me" likes to use. Because its sounds very...reasonable. And it allows me to eat unhealthy things, no offense. Thankfully the "real me" caught on and vetoed the "fat me" decision. I ate the salad.

You can't really be part of my eating experience anymore. At least not for a long while. I guess what I'm saying is...we need a break. It's just easier for me to stick to a plan. I should always have a plan and always stick to a plan. A plan that doesn't include you. Sure you would have tasted amazing today, but if I had eaten you I would be really sad right now. You're just no good for me right now. What I need right now is your perkier, more colorful cousin--side salad. I'm sorry to have to tell you this but when I ate side salad today, I liked it. And I don't regret it. I won't lie and say that I enjoyed it as much as I would have enjoyed eating you, but I made a choice. The choice was better health over a better "taste" experience. I think I'm going somewhere and the place I'm going, well...you just can't come.

Sitting here now thinking through this, realizing that I am completely happy and satisfied with the choice I made today gives me strength to go into the next temptation I will face. This afternoon I will be somewhere that cake is being served. I am firmly resolved to not have a piece of cake. But if I had eaten you today, I might not have the same resolve about the cake. It has taken me quite a while and many, many struggles to finally rest in the fact that this is how I must operate to stay on plan and to lose the weight. Do you get it? Are you proud of me? Can't you just be happy for me?

Everyone is different. I know some people think they can have their side salad and eat you, too. But I'm more of a "one side" kind of girl. For now, the side for me is the salad. Or perhaps even the soup if I'm feeling frisky. Oh, I'm sorry. That was insensitive of me...

I know you'll be fine. I take comfort in knowing that there are plenty--plenty--of people who still love you. Heck, I still love you! You're just no good for me. Hopefully this will not make things weird between us. I still want to be around you without wanting to consume you. Over time I may forget about you. If that happens, don't be sad. Just know that I enjoyed every moment we spent together. I have enough memories to last a million lifetimes.

I hope you realize that our farewell is truly for the best. Thanks for being there for me, CFA Waffle Fries. No one can ever take your place...in my arteries.

All my love,


Hannah said...

haha, I love this!

Hannah said...

also, well done on resisting! I love it when that happens, makes you feel so strong!!

Debbie Huffaker said...

You're a hoot...congrats on overcoming the temptation!!! :)

Stacey said...

Awesome! Awesome break up letter and awesome job listening to the 'real' you.

I had my own break up with them as well as all my sweets I loved. It was hard at first, but I do not crave them now. (I have always said it's easier to not eat any than to try to eat one and stop.) The freedom, especially the mental freedom, is far more 'tasty' than anything I can put in my mouth.

Good job also on filling out your tracker while watching Biggest Loser. Sure beats how I use to do it - watch and eat.

SkinnyGirlSetFree said...

I love you! Haha! Good job on sticking to "the plan." :)

Kyle Gershman said...

cute and adorable!

JennyKozar said...

Standing ovation for you my friend! Great job.

Absolutely, Positively Josie said...

Same thing happened here today - same reasoning and everything - but with fried mashed potato cakes. It's the haute cuisine that gets me. ;)

Thankfully, I had the same result. I had mashed sweet potatoes instead.

But isn't it funny how give-ins snowball?! I don't ever look back on a second temptation and think, "But since I had the fried food earlier, I'm satisfied and can pass on the cake." It's always, "Since I've already had the fried food, I *might as well* have the cake."

Good job! This is your precedence for the future, Lord willing.

Mrs. Britton said...

Totally shared this on Facebook. Great post! Made lol many times because I've been there.... I think we all have ;-)

Sharlie said...

You are AWESOME!

Todd Swanson said...

This is hilarious, I love it. Good job resisting the "small fry", it will make resisting the larger things a "piece of cake". I'm glad to know I'm not the only one that talks to my food. I was in the grocery store this fall and saw a persimmon for the first time in the season (Fall-Winter). I said "Oh look at you, you cute yummy things are going into my cart." My fiancé looked at me strange and busted up laughing.