January 7, 2012

Dressing Your Muffin, Revisited

Original post date: 2/10/10

Coming from an unlikely source, but a source nonetheless, here is a fashion tip:

Don't drop down a size before your time!

Tempting though it may be, do not, under any circumstances, do it. This is why.

208 lbs in a size 16

208 lbs in a size 18

Just in case you aren't getting it, let's take another look. From behind.

208 lbs in a size 16

208 lbs in a size 18

It is SO much fun to drop down a size! Believe me--I know. That is precisely the reason I had these 16s on tonight--just checking in with them. Much to my disappointment, the proof was in the photo. The muffin is not "mini" yet. It's not even standard. So, in my 18s I will stand proud.

Patience my dear friends, patience.

P.S. This goes for skinny folk too. No one is immune to muffin tops. Just buy the next size up and deal. You can thank me later.


I always loved that post :) Definitely no muffin top on those pants today, 1/07/12:



Kyle Gershman said...

Let's be honest here...your blog title today really had me curious.

Then I realized what you were talking about.

A picture is worth a million words...thanks for demonstrating a concept that is difficult to think about if you don't see it so well demonstrated.

Can do mom said...

Happy New Year Keelie! Great post revisited. Some things bear repeating. :) When you're feeling discouraged, take a look at that last photo and remember the progress you've made!

Chubby McGee said...

I love, love, love this post.

So inspirational!

Jane said...

What a great reminder to dress your size. It may feel good to finally squeeeeeze into that next size down, but it gets depressing real fast when you have to see that muffin bulging over the top of your new "skinny pants" (which ultimately do not make you feel skinny at all!) in the mirror every single day. Well done!

Rosa Frazier said...

great post. the most important thing about dressing is that we can't get stuck on the number. We have to go by fit. And if it is too long or a bit loose in some places, we should invest in a tailoring job. That is my new motto--get a tailor.

Ms. M said...

Such a timely reminder. Thanks!!! :)

Sharlie said...

Well today, I tried my 18s on and I had a major mushroom top going on, haha..but on the up side I'm in 20s and not 22s anymore :)Thanks for the friendly reminder though ;)

Kelly @ Dare to be Domestic said...

AMEN! I have always wondered why women do this to themselves - no one sees the tags but you. I pulled out my dreaded 16s last night because I was feeling so bloated after the holidays and the 16's were a bit too lose but the 14s were wayyyyyyyy too tight. I'd rather be comfortable no one cares about the size :) Well stated girl!

Liz said...

Wow! What a difference!