January 11, 2012

Is This Right?

While I was running yesterday my music stopped playing. I had to make a decision. Would I take my gloves off in the freezing cold, drizzly weather to play music or would I just push through, alone with my own thoughts. Always a scary option!

I chose to leave the gloves on and face the fear of being alone with the stuff in my head. I began to think through goals present and goals past. One vlog I posted a long time ago came to mind. In it I spoke confidently of the trip I would take in just a few months after beginning my journey. On the trip I would be at goal weight, wearing a bikini (and NOT one of those old-lady bathing suits with a skirt, mind you) and I would be...done. Just a few short months after beginning, I would be done.

I was a cocky little thing.

As I thought of this video I shook my head and smiled to myself. I asked the Lord..."Why? Why in the world would you let me act like that? (Ha.) And by the way...why in the world am I here in the cold, in the rain, without my music, still with fat roll ever-flapping in the wind, running? Why am I here? Because I thought I would be on the beach sipping my fruity drink by now. Am I really here? Are sure this is right?"

I just kept running. And slowly but surely His answer came.

Yes, Keelie. You are here.

In the cold. In the rain. Even without your music and with your fat roll still flapping--you are running.

And you are talking to ME.

This is exactly right.


Jack Sh*t, Gettin' Fit said...

You may have been cold and uncomfortable, but this post warmed my heart. Good job!

Mom on a mission said...

Love those kind of moments...alone with nature, your thoughts and God:) Way to push through!

Jamie said...

I love this post! I love the video even more, which some how I had never seen before. The unplanned alone time with God always seems to be the best for me. Keep up the amazing work!!

CathyB said...

Doncha love it when that happens??? Thanks for sharing.

Christina said...

Great post, we all need to have those kinds of talks more often.

Kelly said...

Just love this post !
God is good and I love that you and Him have such a beautiful relationship! Keep moving girl ! :)

Absolutely, Positively Josie said...

What a perspective! Oh, what a Savior!

Gina said...

Love this! Thanks!

Kyle Gershman said...

Now, if this doesn't fill you with HIS Spirit, I'm not sure what will.

When I was running after doing the C25k (which had new age music and the time cues), I didn't have any music...just the sounds of me and nature. That actually worked for me.

I've run with music since and it is okay, but far from essential.